About us

Who We ARE

The METTA CENTER CHILDREN HOME (MC) is a non-governmental social organization, established in year 2000. AD. is working for the all round development of a child without affliction with any other organizations till date. We have been able to create a protection shell for the vulnerable girls abandoned from the family members and society due to different reasons, ranging from the political turmoil, family separation, extreme poverty, etc. Thus a noble society has been formed with these bunch of flowers collected in wild, giving them an equal opportunity to grow rationally. Recently, MC has been able to expand its city office in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, with the head office in Banepa, a rural mountain village area. The MC provides free loading, education and training to the orphaned girls, as well as, to impoverished woman living in village.

Why MC undertakes the girls

In this modern world of equality, women are still regarded as second class citizen, mostly dominated by men in Nepal. They are either the housemaids or the toys at the hand of male members in the family and outside. MC firmly believes that the development of the Nation is incomplete without the development of women. And unless we cater proper care and nurture this vulnerable group, the society as well as the whole country remains half paralyzed with the sickening chances of flesh trade and a risk of being exploited in dangerous and prohibited activities. This is the demand of the time, not only to protect the girls but to create a healthy society and a proud nation .

Therefore We encourage the girls living in the MC to become self-reliant by providing them with education and skills training. Additionally, we are dedicated to build a firm foundation for children living in our shelter, so they become the strong pillars of society.

In nutshell, MC strives to protect the rights of children. We strengthen and empower children through education. We are committed to serving the entire community, by specifically focusing on female orphans. MC is planning to facilitate a wide range of community educational and social activities as well .

Currently, MC shelters fourteen girls. All the girls share two rooms, but the MC hopes to expand the girl’s living quarters in spite of the economic challenges. There are many willing orphan children to join MC but due to lack o adequate rooms and fund we could not undertake them. Only If we can complete the construction of the building we can take in more needy girls.

Our Team

Ven. Ashwaghosh Mahathero


Ven. Bhikkhu Rahula


Mr. Birendra Shrestha


Ven. N. D. Dharma Murti


Mr. Piyaratna Maharjan

Asst. Secretary

Ms. Nanu Maiya Shakya


Mr. Gauri Sankar Manandhar

Asst. Treasurer:

Mrs. Satyana Shakya


Mrs. Lisa Ranjit


Mrs.Buddha Bhakta Ranjit