YOU can deliver
Health and Hope to the World

MC's financial record shall be always open to any governmental authorized person for inspection. Account shall be under the jurisdiction of all executive members ensuring a wide participation in financial decision.

How can you join the movement?

Support of various forms shall be welcomed. We invite all international and local individuals and organizations or corporations who have similar goals and programs to join us in enriching the lives of the helpless. You can assist by:

  • - By sponsoring students, thereby providing the funds necessary for their education and total personality growth.
  • - By contributing resource materials for MC's programs.
  • - By becoming affiliated with MC Center.
  • - By becoming directly involved in MC's primary and main activities.
  • - By exchanging related information.
  • - By joining as a volunteer.
  • - By joining as a foreign exchange student.
  • - By exchanging culture/arts/materials.
  • - By donating financial support. Individual contributions, as well as, corporate gifts are both welcomed.

The MC’s programs are run by local Nepali staffs. Our center’s costs has been covered by generous donations, and through several fundraising events. Further assistance is urgently required for future activities. Unfortunately, due to our limited resources and funds, our organization is not in position to carry out future programs without your helping hands. Therefore, we appeal to individuals, groups, and organizations from all over the world, for financial contributions, so we can continue to serve the orphan children, and impoverished community members for years to come. Your financial support is very much appreciated.

How would you like to contribute through Donation?

Sn. Description For a child Per Month For a child Per Year
1 Education – School fees/Tuition fees/Exam fees and other school Educational materials - stationery items school bag/shoes/school-dress etc. US$ 12 US$ 144
2 Food - breakfast/lunch/day-break tea/dinner milk/ bread /rice/vegetables/biscuit etc. US$ 60 US$ 720
4 Health – health check up / other medical expenses US$ 5 US$ 60
Grand Total US$ 77 US$ 922

Utility and Administration Cost

Sn. Description Amount in Local NRs. Per Year Amount in US$ Per Year
1 Electricity Rs.1800 x 12 = 21,600 US$ 200
2 Telephone Rs.2000 x 12 = 24.000 US$ 250
4 Water Rs.360 x 12 = 4320 US$ 60
5 Salary Rs.10000 x12 = 120,000 US$ 1200
6 Miscellaneous Expenses: Rs. 2000 x 12 = 24,000 US$ 250

Fixed Deposit Account for Children:- Rs. 50,00000/(Fifty Lakhs)(US$ 50,000)

The fixed deposit account for children is very essential in order to sustain the monthly expenses of Metta Center. It is very difficult to run our center without regular supporters and contribution. We believe that fixed deposit fund scheme is a sustainable development of this children center.

Hence, we humbly request you all to contribute towards this fixed deposit fund so that we can run this center and provide further service to the children who need our support, care and compassion.